Arcadia Video Games Logo

Client: Self (Arcadia Video Games)
Program used: Illustrator
Fonts used: Fredoka One & Monofett

Logo designed for Arcadia Video Games, an eCommerce site I made up for educational purposes. My goal was to make something evocative of ‘80s gaming culture, but didn’t rely exclusively on pixel fonts.

Type Studies

I looked to the logos of arcade marquee art for inspiration. I went through a whole lot of concepts & asked several other friends and peers for their opinion. My eventual choice of fonts (Fredoka One & Monofett), along with simple, clean gradients seemed to be the favorite.

Why yes, I DO know I’m indecisive. This was one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to brand for some reason. Guess I’m just a perfectionist.

Color Palette

You can see here just how unsure I was of the palette initially in the coloring stages of the logo. In the beginning, I only had tints & shades of red and blue to work with, and something just seemed missingI was even considering moving to a palette more like my favorite webcomic, Penny Arcade. But then it occurred to me how similar the palette was the Sonic the Hedgehog’s colors, and tried adding yellow into the mix. Suddenly, the colors for my logo & visual design just clicked.

Final Logo

Logo Specifications