Chalmun’s Cantina Website

Client: Self (school assignment)
Programs used: Flash, Photoshop
Language used: ActionScript

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The Project

For my Flash class, our instructor allowed our final project to be on pretty much any subject we wanted. Many of my fellow students were making sites for made-up restaurants/bars, but thought I’d have some fun with the idea.

I decided to make a mock site for the Mos Eisley cantina from Star Wars. Given the subject matter, most of the visual design choices were fairly self-evident. I used several free fonts to approximate the Star Wars feel, and the iconic gold-on-black color of the films.

The limited scope and time for the class meant that this was one of those “just go make it” projects. With little time to research or even wireframe, I used Flash pretty much exclusively. There are a lot of “not so useful” aspects of this site added strictly because I needed to satisfy a checklist on my final project. Basically, this site is here to prove I know how to use Flash.

UX Principles

I did make sure to at least build the site on the, and I spent some time creating a logical information architecture. Additionally, most Flash sites I’ve seen like to break standard web UI/UX conventions just because they can. I went the total opposite direction and focused on usability. For example, the home page uses the common layout of Spotlight (plus a call to action) & features. Some might call it boring, but it’s easy to use and looks pretty nice.

My extra thought seems to have paid off, since my Flash teacher now uses this site as an example final project in her class.